Post birth care

Our care does not stop once you bring your baby home. Specialising in obstetrics and family health, our team also includes a psychologist and physiotherapist, to help our patients deal with the physical and mental effects of birth including anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.

Post birth, we can see mothers as early as one week after they have had the baby, especially if the mother has had traumatic vaginal birth. You may have questions that you have forgotten to ask at the hospital and you may need advice on feeding, sleeping patterns, looking after yourself and your partner. At Peel Maternity and Family Practice, we are just a phone call away (0800-1730 Monday to Friday).

What are the most common post birth questions?

One of the more common questions we are asked relates to breast feeding and formula feeding. Our midwives are highly experienced with feeding and can offer assistance over the phone or in person. Some babies can suffer from reflux and we are here to help with that too. We are open from 8am until 5:30pm weekdays so please call the Practice as soon as you need and we will let you know the next available appointment for that day or the following day.

What are the most common issues with breastfeeding?

This can include sore nipples, attachment and unsettled babies. Breast feeding can take time, up to 6 weeks for the mother’s lactation to establish properly. We can help give women the confidence in their ability to breastfeed, to feel the rhythm of breastfeeding and to help with advice and tips on feeding in public.

What is the Six Week Check?

This includes a physical check of baby. It can also include a physical check of the mother if there any concerns regarding postnatal recovery. Breastfeeding, mastitis, formula feeding, reflux, postnatal infection, sleeping are also discussed. Any questions including immunisations, well-being and diet can also be answered.

If you have any concerns post birth, do not wait for the six week check, please call to make an appointment but always call 000 in an emergency situation.

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