Maternity Care streams

We believe that everyone deserves the quality of care that we provide at Peel Maternity & Family Practice. For this reason, we have now created several different maternity care streams to suit various budgets and preferred styles of pregnancy management. Now all our maternity care streams include a free Pregnancy Essentials education class led by our in-house physio and midwives. In addition to this the care streams include either midwife led or obstetrician led clinics. Your choice of care depends on you and your needs. There are two streams; Clinic based and Obstetrician based:

Clinic based stream (public)

The Clinic based stream include meetings with the midwives and any of the three GP Obstetricians at Peel Maternity on specific clinic days during the week. There is not a particular obstetrician assigned to the pregnancy and to deliver their baby but there will be one of the Peel Maternity doctors rostered for labour ward. This stream suits those on a budget who are not so concerned on which particular doctor is caring for them.

Obstetrician based care (private)

The Obstetrician based stream allows you to choose a specific primary doctor to care for you throughout your pregnancy and at delivery. Every appointment will be with a midwife and at specific times, with your chosen doctor. The appointments within this stream are more flexible with more days and times available. You do not have to be privately insured to choose this pathway, your insurance status only applies to your hospital admission.


Public with a health care or pension card: Concession rate

Public without a health care or pension concession card: There is a $25 gap fee for most antenatal appointments (most women would have 8-11 visits during pregnancy). There is a $75 gap at the booking visit around 20 weeks at Peel Maternity. There may be additional small costs where scans, CTGs or other investigations ($10-$30) are required.

Private: This is obstetrician based care where you choose your primary obstetrician. You do not need private health insurance to choose this stream. There are out of pocket costs with this stream even if you have a health care card. The gap fee for antenatal appointments is $55 ($35 with a HCC), the booking visit at 20 weeks is $224.50 ($99.50). There are additional costs where scans, CTGs or other investigations ($15-$60) are required. There is a $150 gap for the booking fee.

If you do have private maternity insurance, talk to reception as there may be a discount to these fees.