Premium affordable antenatal care for private and public patients

Due to the loss of rural status for Mandurah, Peel Maternity needs to change the way we run our antenatal clinic in order for us to be able to continue to run a low cost alternative for antenatal care.

The options available and associated costs are outlined below.

Public Clinic low cost with or without a Health Care Card

(Red and green stream)

  • The clinic runs 2 days per week so there is limited appointment times to choose from
  • Streamlined appointments for routine antenatal care only
  • Any additional, non-urgent issues will be dealt with at a separate appointment on another day, not during the clinic appointment
  • Peel Maternity doctors will rotate through the clinic and through birth suite on a roster system
  • No choice of doctor for appointments or delivery
  • Non clinic, long appointments with the midwife will be booked at 16, 20 and 30 weeks
  • Extra appointments that are needed outside of clinic times can be made but there may be a charge for these appointments
  • Any urgent concerns that need to be dealt with that day will be booked at Peel Maternity if appointments are available otherwise you will be directed to Peel Health Campus for review
  • Admission to Peel Health Campus is as a public patient
  • Your option to change streams can be done up until 28 weeks.


Private Clinic without Private Health Insurance

(Yellow and blue stream)

  • Choice of doctor for antenatal care
  • Choice of appointments days and times
  • You will see a midwife at each appointment and your chosen doctor at certain stages during your pregnancy
  • Longer appointments are available if needed
  • During business hours your chosen doctor will aim to be available for your delivery
  • After hours and when your chosen doctor is covering the antenatal clinic, one of the other Peel Maternity doctors will be called for your delivery
  • Admission to Peel Health Campus is as a public patient.


Private Clinic for patients with Private Health Insurance

(Pink stream)

  • This streams allows you to choose your delivering GPO
  • Admission to Peel Health Campus as a private patient
  • You will see your chosen doctor at most of your appointments as well as seeing the midwife
  • Your chosen doctor will endeavour to be at your delivery wherever possible and will follow up with you after delivery
  • If your chosen doctor is unavailable then you will be looked after by another of the Peel Maternity doctors for delivery
  • Free home visit in the first week after baby is born if you live in the Mandurah area, by one of the Peel Maternity midwives.


Red and green stream

  • Free for red (Health Care Card holders) stream – please note a HCC is not the same as a Medicare card
  • Green stream $15 out of pocket expense each appointment
  • Longer midwife appointments at 16,20 and 30 weeks are bulk billed
  • Pregnancy management fee at 28 weeks is bulk billed.

Yellow stream

  • Out of pocket expense of $55.00 for routine antenatal appointments
  • Pregnancy management fee at 28 weeks is $500 with a Medicare rebate of $321.90 – $178.10 out of pocket.


Pink stream

  • Same as yellow information but change 28 week Pregnancy management fee is $600.

Blue stream

  • These women have a HCC
  • Out of pocket expense is $35.00 for routine antenatal appointments
  • Pregnancy management fee at 28 weeks is $375.00 with a Medicare rebate of $321.90 – $53.10 out of pocket.
  • If you have a Health Care Card you may choose this stream if you want to have your choice of GPO throughout your pregnancy
  • Out of pocket expense is $35.00 and all scans will be bulk billed.

If you need additional information about how the new clinic structure will work or the fees involved, please speak to the midwife at your next appointment.

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