Passionate and Caring General Practitioners and Nurses

Dr Karine Hay is our family GP doctor who works alongside our Practice Nurses Cassandra Pell and Ely Rowe.

Our general practice and other allied health practitioners continue to work beyond the birth with the same mission, to support our young families. Our purpose built health centre, with playgrounds, family friendly cafe and education facilities all form part of our vision to support Mandurah’s families and make our community more vibrant, loving and wholesome.

We endeavour to provide whole patient care that considers not just the physical presenting complaint but the physiological, social and even, where appropriate, spiritual context of the complaints.

Our general practitioners are all passionate about caring for family and children including:

  • Mirena IUDs and Implanon insertion
  • All childhood immunisations
  • Wound care (small burns etc., stitches, suturing, removal of lesions)
  • GP Management plans for chronic conditions (co-ordinated care for patient) or Chronic Heath Care Plan/Team Care Arrangements
  • Driver’s Licence Assessments (including vision and balance)
  • Asthma care plans
  • Dressing changes
  • Diabetic checks
  • Blood tests
  • Whooping cough vaccinations for adults (free of charge for women in their third trimester)
  • Seasonal flu vaccination
  • Adult vaccinations including pneumococcal and shingles vaccines
  • PAP smears
  • STD screening
  • Minor gynaecological procedures and advice
  • Vasectomies