We understand that for you, having a baby is a wonderful journey. At Peel Maternity and Family Practice, we are here to help and support you from before birth starting with our antenatal appointments and antenatal classes.

Antenatal Appointments

First Visit: 7-11 weeks

This includes an in-house dating and viability scan, taking patient history and general examination, creating a new set of records, and where necessary managing miscarriage and other early complications of pregnancy. Referral for Downs screening given.

Second Visit: 13-17 weeks

This involves reviewing results, updating records and making referrals for the anatomy scan.

Booking Visit: 20-24 weeks

During this visit, we finalise all results and history, prepare paper work for the hospital booking appointment. All mothers-to-be will then need to make an appointment with the hospital separately to complete the booking process, before they are 30 weeks. The hospital will only accept bookings from patients who are under the care of a doctor who delivers at the hospital or who are going through the midwives clinic at the hospital.

Third Trimester

This involves monitoring the mother and baby, checking development, taking blood pressure and scanning where necessary. There are fortnightly visits from 28 weeks, then weekly from 36 weeks until the birth of your baby.

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