How the Antenatal Clinic Runs


We know that you will understand that sometimes you will have to wait for your appointment. Planning of obstetrics and maternity care is difficult to predict and manage, babies arrive at unpredictable times, delivery can be very straight forward requiring little medical help, or can be highly complicated and even life threatening at times. This means the doctor may be called away from the clinic at any time.

The model of care we use is team based, with the midwives and doctors working collaboratively together, so that if the doctor is called away the midwife can perform most routine care. Likewise if the midwife is caught up with issues more appropriate for them, the doctor may perform the tasks the midwife would normally do. This allows a fairly fluid and adaptable process, however if the doctor is called away to the hospital for prolonged periods the flow can be disrupted, and there may be long waiting times or sometimes we have to rebook appointments.

We do run a few clinics including Saturdays and a few during the week that do not guarantee your own doctor but endeavour to run as close to time as possible, where anything other than routine is rebooked to normal clinics to try and cater for busy working mums. Ask the staff about these sessions if you are on tight time limits.


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